Crane Pulling a Truck — Cranes for Hire in Paget, QLD

Explore Numerous Cranes for a Range of Applications in Mackay

At Crane Logistics, we take great pride in offering a large assortment of cranes in varied categories, each one intended for a particular purpose. This ensures that you have the right crane for the job, no matter what you are doing. Within our selection, you will find many of the most modern cranes on the market, each one being properly maintained to ensure that they are truly top of the line.

Crane Logistics Offers the following cranes for hire



13t City Crane


22t Franna Crane


25t Franna Crane


60t Truck Mounted Crane


100t All-Terrain Crane


140t All-Terrain Crane


135T Kobelco Crawler crane


220t All-Terrain Crane


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