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Crane Hire for Construction and Mining in Mackay

At Crane Logistics in Mackay, we are proud to service a variety of industries which may require cranes on a regular or occasional basis. We not only offer a number of different crane types that can be customised to your specific purposes, but we also tailor our recommendations to your industry and location. Each of our cranes is top of the line and features the latest technology. We have something to accommodate virtually any industry, from construction to mining and beyond.

We currently serve the following industries in Mackay and surrounding areas


  • Commercial & residential construction
  • Marine
  • Coal mining
  • Quarries
  • Refinaries
  • Sugar Mills
  • Rail
  • Communication
  • Engineering & Fabrication
  • Civil Construction
  • Ports
  • Electrical transmission lines
  • Aviation
  • Agriculture
Each industry may require specialised knowledge and equipment in order to choose the best crane for their job. The experts here at Crane Logistics understand our equipment from the inside out, so we can help you choose the right machine, no matter what project you’re working on. You can rely on us to help choose cranes, equipment and necessary accessories to complete your job safely, on time, and within budget. If you do not see your industry listed here, give us a call anyway. We can work with you to determine if one of our products is the right fit for your job. We also offer helicopter lifting services for those situations where a crane just won’t work, so you have plenty of options to complete your project effectively.

If you are ready to discuss your job, call us or send a message to speak with one of our crane experts. We will go over your job, determine which equipment is right for you.